Social Media Strategist & Manager


My Social Media Philosophy

I take non-existent or stagnant social media pages, (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (and Pinterest –even though it is technically a search engine 🙂)) and curate posts specific to your brand and aimed at your target customer.


Searching for successful ways to engage with customers, and attract new ones can be daunting. With all the info and suggestions online it’s hard to pinpoint what will work best for you, your business, and your budget.
I can be a fresh set of eyes and make suggestions, research, and test whatever methods you are comfortable with. You have more important things to do than scour the internet wading through what will work for you and what won’t. Not to mention the info all over the internet that is just plain false!


When it comes to Instagram I know the difference already. I’ve done hours of research for my clients over the past year. I’ve already learned, through trial and error what works on Instagram and what doesn’t. And I continue to stay on top of changing algorithms, rules, and even added features to the app.

Every business is different and I have the resources to figure out what will work for your specific needs.


My favorite part about Instagram is the artistic nature of the platform. I love taking pictures knowing my goal is to catch a new customer’s eye. Using my artistic vision and my marketing objectives through photography is very fulfilling. I enjoy curating beautiful cohesive feeds that draw people in to discover more about my client’s company.


The best part of Instagram for a small or a new business is the fact that you can start small. Or you can go big right out of the gate. You can take months to slowly build your Instagram and easily spread to other platforms when you’re ready. Or you can get everything set up and running in one month!


Using Instagram as my starting point has two benefits.


First, it means I can easily streamline posts to all other social media accounts. Posting once to Instagram can be set up to simultaneously post to Facebook, Twitter, and a Pinterest board.

Second, pictures that start on an Instagram page can be used for so much more. Instagram posts are not one hit wonders! I am able to use them over and over in several different ways.


Content originally posted to Instagram can be:

  • uploaded to your business’s YouTube channel (don’t have one? I can set it up!)
  • turned into a Facebook ad (slideshow, carousel, video, etc.)
  • added to your website and blog posts!
  • turned into the perfect pin for Pinterest
  • used again in Instagram and Facebook stories
  • turned into sales graphics
  • used in flyers and brochures
  • a lookbook/magazine of all your products for business meetings or potential investors
  • and so much more!


Organic growth and streamlining to other platforms is helpful, but limitless options for using pictures that were meant for Instagram is why this platform is here to stay and essential for every business.


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