About Ruthie

Product photographer and social media virtual assistantI am a social media strategistproduct photographer and virtual assistant extraordinaire. Organization and effective communication are my most prized attributes. Using my creativity, and marketing experience, I can help small businesses with a variety of problems they may face.

My parents were small business owners, and I know there is no way to do it all on your own and be successful.

Knowing when and how to ask for help is a common problem many businesses face. There is a difference between do it yourself and doing it for yourself.

As a child, my parents had me answering phones, making appointments, filing paperwork, printing out invoices, and so much more for the family business. Then as a teenager, I worked for a family restaurant, learning as much as I could and advancing through different positions until I couldn’t move up any further.  As a young adult, I struggled with finding a way to nurture my passions and maintain a creative outlet. I found everything I needed for job fulfillment with nannying.

And then I became a mom! What does that have to do with anything?! Well becoming a mom means you go through a crash course on becoming an expert researcher. The amount of material a parent consumes to provide the best for their children is mind-blowing. Starting with pregnancy, I devoured everything I could, and it never ends.

Every part of my life has revolved around solving problems. I LOVE IT! Becoming a virtual assistant has been my destiny since childhood.

My mission:

My mission is to be a valuable addition to your team! My strengths are that I’m organized, resourceful, and pay close attention to details. I treat every project as if it were my company, and I strive to make the best decisions for your business. When I operate at a high capacity, you will be free to focus on the big picture, while not having to worry about the little details of the day-to-day.

 I constantly look for opportunities to improve my client’s business and how I can help them get there.  

  • I want to be your right-hand woman :-).
  • Researching, learning, organizing, and being helpful!
  • I aim to hear the words, “oh my gosh what would I do without you?!?!”

My specialty:


Photography Options


 Social Media Strategy  


Virtual Assistant Services

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