Accepting New Clients

When I started out, I knew my favorite earring company desperately needed more images to help sell their product. Their Instagram page was not focused on their brand’s image. And there were no pictures of the back of their earring inside someone’s ear – the one thing that sets this company apart from all the rest.Product photographer and virtual assistant


I had a vision of what it could be and knew I could bring it to fruition!


Within a month I had cleaned up the old and replaced it with new fresh images, videos, review graphics, and earrings in model’s ears! And my new client was excited to continue adding more content to her Instagram.


But what about all the other social media accounts? Everything I was creating for the Instagram page could easily be used on other platforms they already had established. And we could start new accounts on YouTube and Pinterest! Not only that, but they could be used on their website too!


Now, with over 300 images and a video for every product, my favorite earring company has the tools to share their product across all platforms. I have been able to curate holiday specific images to coordinate sales for my client.

When it comes right down to it, you need the foundation of pictures, before you can utilize all the marketing platforms effectively.

I have openings for new clients right now and I’d love to hear about your needs!

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